About Us

Here at Hazelwood Gardens Nursing Home, we provide quality nursing care for service users who are aged 65 and over. Situated in the village of Westbury-on-Trym, in Bristol, we boast a 36 bedded home within a magnificent building with beautiful surroundings. Utilising single or shared rooms, we even have rooms with en-suite capabilities.

Our Manager, Pauline Rodman

With more than 35 years within the industry, Pauline has ample management experience. Supported by a deputy manager, an excellent team of nursing staff and healthcare assistants, and ancillary and administration staff, we deliver an exceptional service to our service users.

High Standards

Continuing our first-rate service within the building, we also have a team of outside professionals whose skills we take full advantage of to ensure quality care across the board.

Meeting Your Needs

As experienced healthcare professionals, we have established two sets of needs that we strive to meet. These include:

The Service User’s Needs

  • To Be Treated with Respect and Dignity 
  • To Be Actively Engaged in a Community of Some Kind
  • To Be Involved in His or Her Own Treatment and Living Plan 
  • To Be Cared for by Skilled, Medically-Knowledgeable Clinicians and Caregivers, Working as a Multidisciplinary Team

The Family’s Needs

  • Peace of Mind regarding Their Loved-Ones’ Physical Mental State 
  • Relief from the Time-Consuming Job of Caring for Their Family Members Themselves

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