Specialist Residential Care home in Bristol.

At Hazelwood Gardens Nursing Home, in Bristol, service users may expect respectful and caring assistance as they go around their daily activities. In addition to providing quality residential care, we also provide laundry services, cook all meals, maintain a clean and polite approach to personal space, and offer end-of-life care. Our main focus is on providing the best possible service we can, you can place your trust in our skilled and qualified team.

Making a Nursing Home a Home

All residents can trust that their new home will be just that – their own home, shared with other residents who come together to socialise, plan activities, and share their knowledge and wisdom with each other. Our service users are also welcome to have visitors at any time, within reason, and to plan outings with family and friends whenever and wherever they choose. We will also provide regular care reviews and meetings to ensure we continue to meet their needs and enable them to lead an active life with dignity and respect.

Residential care home

Skilled Nursing Care

For long-term or short-term residents with more demanding health and care needs, our nursing staff offer a more closely supervised and assisted service. Our fully registered nursing team are joined by a team of healthcare assistants, who carry out many of the same services for both residential and temporary service users. Any residents receiving this type of care will be provided with any necessary medications within the schedule prescribed, and administered by our nursing staff. All medication and prescriptions will be overseen and reviewed by our home GP.

End of life care

End-of-Life Care

Regular care assessments will be conducted that our service users’ needs and wishes are fully met during this delicate and difficult period, ensuring that the end-of-life process is as dignified as possible. All medication may be administered by our nursing staff, with the assistance of the district nurses if necessary. We aim to offer support to both the service user, and the family and friends of the individual, throughout the process of this holistic care.

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