Our Facilities

At Hazelwood Gardens Nursing Home, we see a different way of assisting our elderly service users through a new stage in their lives. Acknowledging that where they live is their home, and belongs to them, not to the medical staff, we have established a home that not only meets their medical and physical needs, but one that also nourishes their social connections, individual dignity, and personal preferences.

Private and Social Areas

Each resident has a private space with some having personal en-suite facilities. There are many communal areas throughout the home with two service user lounges providing alternative areas to enjoy either quietly or socially. The home has two adjoining dining rooms where service users are encouraged to enjoy a social dining experience. In addition, the service users have access to a large conservatory which overlooks the grounds of the home. The service users may use this whenever they choose.

Kitchen and Laundry

We have a fully equipped kitchen with permanent chefs providing an array of freshly home cooked food for the service users based upon their individualised preferences. We welcome residents to request food and can cater for various cultures and preferences. We have an onsite laundry service, providing fresh laundering for the home throughout the day.

Some of our residents enjoying tea and cake

Providing Purpose

Far more devastating to our elders than physical illness is lack of purpose. Studies have shown that seniors who are engaged in activities are far more likely to retain mental acuity, physical health, and emotional wellbeing. Although the hospital model tries to provide such stimulation, its "activities" are usually organised by clinical staff, with little or no input from "patients," and become just one more set of required tasks for all involved. At Hazelwood Gardens Nursing Home, we have identified areas of interest and methods of community involvement that will appeal to all.

As such, we believe that the service users should have a choice of social events and activities, and have an appointed activities coordinator to ensure each service users’ lifestyle is enhanced with socialisation and activities, both on an individual and group basis. The theme planning of events and activities is derived from the preferences of the service users.

A trained nurse checking on a resident

Qualified Professionals

We welcome an array of professionals into the home to help ensure our service users’ needs are continually met. The nurses within the home have worked hard to initiate and maintain professional relationships with other fellow healthcare professionals. These relationships will continue to strengthen. We believe this has a very positive effect on our service users and their continuity of care. We are registered and supported by an excellent team of medical professionals, with our own allocated GP. The GP visits the home every Monday and is available when needed throughout the week. Our GP is also supported by a team of GP's who endeavour to provide advice and visit our service users if the need arises.

In addition, we have firm professional relationships with other healthcare professionals such as the Care Home Liaison and mental health team, district nurses, dietitians, dental services, opticians, chiropodists, and continence nurses. This ensures we are supported in all aspects of care and provides a valued knowledge base across most disciplines.

Catering to All Faiths

At the nursing home, we have a regular Chaplin who visits at least monthly and performs services throughout the year as well as for special occasions. He can be contacted and will visit service users at other times if required. We also arrange for clergy from other faith denominations if a service user so wishes.

A Visiting Hairdresser

We also have a regular hairdresser, who visits the home weekly, to ensure the residents feel good and to enhance their self-esteem. Regular manicures and grooming are also provided by our care staff.

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